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Welcome to the Ticketmaster technology blog. Each month, we will publish an entry or two describing technical challenges at Ticketmaster and how we go about solving them. We are building the ticketing platform for the future that will define the industry and look forward to sharing our journey with you.  Your comments and suggestions for posts are welcomed.

I joined the company 11 months ago and started my adventure at Ticketmaster by focusing my time on learning as much about the company and meeting as many folks on the team as I possibly can. We have a geographically diverse team with over 600 people spread across North America alone. I have been making my way to our remote offices and last October made plans to visit our development team in Seattle. Coincidentally I have recently become a Seattle Seahawks fan because of Pete Carroll and the great work he did for my USC Trojans. Sure enough, the Seahawks were in town the weekend of my scheduled visit. I decided to spoil myself with the best tickets I could find. Using our TM+ resale platform I purchased two front row seats to the Seattle Seahawks vs Tennessee Titans game on Sunday, October 13, 2013.

SEAtickets Early Sunday morning the energy emanating from Seattle’s 12th man was palpable just standing in line for coffee. The 12th MAN is Seattle’s not-so-secret home field advantage that holds the record for the loudest stadium at 137.6 decibels — by comparison, a Boeing 747 registers 130db — and helps garner 2.36 false start penalties per game. After experiencing the 12th man energy on the streets of Seattle, I was prepared for an epic experience at Century Link Field. Our pair of seats were front and center with only two other seats in our row. About 10 minutes before kickoff, in walks a young family to occupy the two seats next to us. The husband, wife and toddler were decked in Seahawks gear head to toe. I could tell that they were fans, but I could not have predicted what happened next. seahawksgameview As the game was about to get started, the husband, who was sitting next to me, erupts into the loudest “Seahawks! Seahawks! Seahawks!” chant I have ever heard. What made it even more peculiar was that it sounded like an Australian accent. I struck up a conversation with him and asked if the Seahawks were big in Australia. I learned that the husband’s name was Matt and that he is an orthopedic surgeon from Adelaide, Australia. Matt told me that he did his residency in northern Oregon and during that time became the world’s most fanatical Seahawks fan. In the early fall of 2013, Matt decided to check off an item on his bucket list by taking his son, Oliver, to a Seattle Seahawks game. Here is a quick impromptu interview that I filmed.

That is the moment that it hit me: At Ticketmaster, we don’t just sell tickets: We power life’s experiences.

These are moments in time that fans will remember forever and we have the responsibility of delivering on our promise of a secure, convenient and seamless experience. Delivering on fan experiences is an awesome responsibility that our team is honored to be entrusted with and is what drives the passionate pursuit of excellence within our company.

We aim to bring out the fan in everyone and as we deliver the next generation ticketing platform we are excited to share our experience. Welcome to the show.

Onward and upward,


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  1. Jody – thank you for describing perfectly what it is we do, and live for @ Ticketmaster. onward & upward…i’m in!

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