Tech Maturity is now available on GitHub

We’re excited to announce that the Tech Maturity model we use internally is now available on GitHub!

At Ticketmaster, we use Tech Maturity to identify growth opportunities, eliminate waste, set clearly defined targets, and measure progress all while we work toward the ultimate goal of continuous delivery.

The model charts a clear path that can be completed in stages and allows flexibility for progressing through five key dimensions of software development: Code, Build & Test, Release, Operate, and Optimize.

By using Tech Maturity, you can:

  • Quantify the maturity of your products
  • Visually compare individual product maturity to company-wide trends
  • Identify patterns for removing friction within your SDLC
  • Track and measure improvements over time

Our model does not prescribe solutions. Rather, it offers standards with an aim to give teams a clear path towards efficient product development at scale.

To learn more about why we created Tech Maturity, read this blog post.

Checkout the project on GitHub to get started or watch this brief video tour:

Get Involved

Tech Maturity is a part-time project for a few of us at Ticketmaster. If you’d like to help expand upon what we started, we couldn’t be more excited about that and would love to hear from you!

Sherry Taylor | @seakitteh
Vignesh Jayabalan | @vigneshjybln

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